Scalr 2018

The Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Make VMware Easier - For Everybody

vSphere is powerful, but also frustrating. Learn how to make the VMware experience easier, faster and safer.

VMware has built an incredible platform with vSphere. But over the years it has grown to be cumbersome and complicated for both IT admins and end-users. Whether your teams provision at self-service, or go through a ticketing system, your VMware workflows can be easier, faster, and safer.

In this webinar, we'll go through a few VMware-centric scenarios and examine how you can use the SCALR CMP to create efficient provisioning workflows for admins, power users, and service catalog users. 

 In this Webinar we'll cover: 

  • How to build one-click-provisioning apps for Service Catalog users
  • How to streamline the advanced provisioning options on vSphere
  • How to provide power users with the autonomy they need, while still enforcing guardrails

On Demand Webinar


Igor Savchenko - VP, Engineering

Ron Harnik - Associate Director of Marketing

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