Scalr 2017

The Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Creating Secure Cross-Cloud User Workflows with RBAC

How to keep your users safe on the cloud, and your cloud safe from your users.  

Enterprise IT organizations provide resources and support to multiple groups. To maximize their productivity, each group or team might require a different workflow or a set of services, but security concerns are often common to all teams. By defining resources ownership and permissions, and setting tailored RBAC guardrails, IT is able to overcome these challenges and provide a multi-cloud environment that keeps both itself and the users safe.

In this webinar, we’ll go over how to build advanced RBAC policies and create cloud environments that expose only relevant resources based on identity and permission.

 In this Webinar we'll cover: 

  • How User Policies and Workload Policies can be used to build guardrails
  • How Resource Ownership affects productivity and security
  • How conditional RBAC policies create safer cloud environments



Ron Harnik - Product Marketing Manager

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